Strategic and program planning, configuration management, scheduling, maintaining program internal reporting processes, gap analysis, process improvement, risk management, management of cost schedule and scope, to include System Development Life Cycle documentation.

Full range of support for contract formation, including drafting Statements of Work, consulting on proposal review, and post award support for contract management.

Financial management for IT consulting services to give accurate and cost effective financial management plans for IT assets and resources used in providing IT Services.

Full range of Portfolio Management services, including planning and development of budgets, drafting submission ready budget documents for OMB including Exhibit 300s and other capital planning documents.

End to end privacy and information security consulting to include developing system of record notices, privacy impact assessments, and system security requirements.

Business process reengineering consulting services to support the rethinking and redesign of business processes with a view toward supporting IT changes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed.

Data management consulting services to include best practice development to advise clients on managing their data strategically and transforming the data into actionable information with a view toward supporting IT and business changes.



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