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Ms. Alexandra Galloway has worked for over five years supporting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.  She has extensive experience with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Performance Based National Detention Standards, other related immigration detention policies and procedures, First and Fourth Amendment protections, and has special subject matter expertise in use of force policies, practice and investigations, particularly involving U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Ms. Galloway previously served as a corporate legal advisor, and in that capacity she obtained additional experience in the areas of privacy, compliance with regulatory matters, and employment law.  She graduated from San Diego State University where she received a B.A. in Political Science with Minors in English and Religious Studies.  She received a J.D. from American University Washington College of Law.  She is an attorney licensed in the State of California.

Mr. Bertram (Bert) Knitter served his country as a paratrooper and weapons specialist with the 82nd Airborne Division during the Viet Nam War.  He is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer with over 35 years of administrative experience in the health/fitness field.  He has directed nationally recognized worksite health/fitness and wellness programs within the Federal Government, corporate and hospital sectors and currently serves as a Subject Matter Expert consultant with the newly created Center for Disease Control’s Work at Health Program.  He combines the qualities of a detailed, hands-on manager with the presentation and mentoring skills of a long time manager and leader in the fitness field.  In recognition of his knowledge, skill, and ability, Mr. Knitter has received numerous awards for his work in the fitness arena.  He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree from Cortland State University, a Master’s Degree from George Washington University, and successfully completed the Minor Requirement (in Gerontology) of a Major/Minor Ph. D. program in Exercise Physiology at Brigham Young University.

Mr. Damien Woodson has been providing personal training and corporate fitness programs for over fifteen years and brings tremendous oversight capability.  Over the fifteen years Mr. Woodson has worked in the fitness industry he has gained a comprehensive experience managing corporate fitness programs.  Although focused and detailed oriented, Mr. Woodson brings to this effort the personable management style that will keep staffing turn over low and create fitness testing operations without conflict and infighting.  His experiences as a teacher and motivator of people will ensure the success of this operation.  Mr. Damien Woodson was a Fitness Director and personal trainer for Sport and Health Clubs.  Mr. Woodson has founded 3 personal training companies and also acted as a founding consultant for the Washington, DC based boot camp franchise known as Active Duty Fitness for Women.  As a further example of the breath of Mr. Woodson’s experience in the fitness field, he played college football and basketball and between seasons he coached youth basketball clinics at Pepperdine College.

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